9th édition
The Schneider Trophy

Hampton Roads - November 13th, 1926

Circuit This contest was the first opportunity for the Americans to win the cup. Representatives were two Curtiss racer R3C-4s flown by Lts. Cuddihy and Tomlimson, a Curtiss Racer R3C-2 flown by Lt. Christian F. Schilt (USMC) and a Curtiss F6C-1'Hawk' in reserve.
The Italian team, directed by Muzio Macchi and engineer Castoldi, entered three Macchi M-39s, two with Fiat engines created by M. de Benedetto, the third was a Napier Lion engine. Propellers were furnished by Curtiss!. Pilots were Major Mario de Bernardi, Captain Arturo Ferrarin and Lieutenant Adriano Bacula.
The race took place in bad weather, on a 350 km long triangular circuit, consisting of 19 bends. The winner was de Bernardi followed by Schilt, Bacula and Tomlimson in the substitute aircraft.
This marked the last U.S.Navy participation in an international speed race.
  # Reg. Plane Engine Speed km/h
1Mario De Bernardi ITA 5MM76 Macchi M.39 Fiat AS.2 800 cv 396.698
2Christian Franck Schilt USA 6A.7054 Curtiss R3C.2 Curtiss V.1400 565 cv 372.34
3Adriano Bacula ITA 1MM74 Macchi M.39 Fiat AS.2 800 cv 350.845
4William Tomlinson USA 2A.7128 Curtiss F6C-1 Hawk Curtiss D12-A 507 cv 220.406
- George Cuddihy USA 4A.6979 Curtiss R3C.4 Curtiss V.1550 685 cv Gave up 7th lap
- Arturo Ferrarin ITA 3MM75 Macchi M.39 Fiat AS.2 800 cv Gave up 4th lap