2nd édition
The Schneider Trophy

Monaco - April 20th, 1914

Participation was more various and numerous.
The French team's qualifying round took place on April 8. Qualifying were: Espanet and Levasseur in a Nieuport, and Roland Garros in a Morane-Saulnier. Those eliminated were: Brindejonc des Moulinais in a Morane-Saulnier, Bertin in a Nieuport, Prévost and Janoir in a Deperdussin.
U.S. competitors were Weyman in a Nieuport and Thaw in a Deperdussin.
Three new nations were present: Great-Britain, represented by Howard Pixton in a Sopwith 'Tabloid' and Lord Carbery in a Morane-Saulnier. Switzerland was represented by Burri in a FBA. Stöffler flew for Germany in an Aviatik.
Pixton won the race, Burry finished second, Espanet quit on the 16th lap, Levasseur on the 17th, Lord Carbery on the third. The other competitors did not start the race.
The competition was then interrupted for five years due to World War I.
  # Reg. Plane Engine Speed km/h
1Howard Pixton GBR 3- Sopwith Tabloid Gnôme monosoupape 100 cv 139.66
2Ernest Burri SWI 7- FBA Gnôme monosoupape 100 cv 82.35
- Pierre Levasseur FRA 6- Nieuport Gnôme 160 cv Gave up 18th lap
- Gabriel Espanet FRA 5- Nieuport Gnôme 160 cv Gave up 17th lap
- Lord Carbery GBR - - Deperdussin Le Rhône 160 cv Gave up 3rd lap
- Maurice Prevost FRA - - Deperdussin Gnôme 200 cv Gave up on start