1st édition
The Schneider Trophy

Monaco - April 16th, 1913

Entries were an American, Weyman in a Nieuport; and three Frenchmen: Garros in a Morane-Saulnier, Espanet in a Nieuport and Prévost in a Deperdussin.
Competitors had to cross the starting line in the water, continue for 2.5 miles, take off and finish the first lap flying.
Only Prévost covered the 270 km race course, with an average speed of 72.600 km/h. This speed was probably higher (98,1 km/h) but an error in lap count caused Prévost to land earlier and 50 minutes were lost before taking off again.
Weyman gave up just 3 laps from the finish line. Espanet was forced to give up after height laps because of an oil leak.
  # Reg. Plane Engine Speed km/h
1Maurice Prevost FRA19- Deperdussin Gnôme 160 cv 73.6
2Roland Garros FRA2- Morane-Saulnier Gnôme 80 cv 92
- Charles Weymann USA5- Nieuport Gnôme 100 cv Gave up 25th lap
- Gabriel Espanet FRA6- Nieuport Gnôme 100 cv Gave up 8th lap