5th édition
The Schneider Trophy

Venezia - August 11th, 1921

French participation was reduced to a Nieuport 29 powered by an Hispano-Suiza 8FB model 42 of 300 hp flown by Sadi Lecointe. Italy must choose 3 representatives among 16 competitors : de Briganti, Falaschi, Corgnolino, de Sie, Bensembiante in a Macchi M.7; Passaleva and Guzelloni in a Macchi M.18; Zanetti and Padetti in a Macchi M.19; Giarosso, Bologna, Arcidiacono, Minciotti, Ricobello, Conforti in a Savoia S.13 with Isotta-Fraschini Asso 200 engine; Janello in a Savoia S.13 Ansaldo San Georgio powered; Maddallena in a Savoia S.22.
It was almost the same situation as the previous year: The Sadi Lecointe plane was unable to fly and Italy was the only competitor.
Giovanni De Briganti won the race in a Macchi M-7, Zanetti in a Macchi M-19 and Corgnolino in another M-7 dropped out.
  # Reg. Plane Engine Speed km/h
1Giovanni De Briganti ITA 1- Macchi M.7 Isotta-Fraschini 250 cv 189.677
- Piero Corgnolino ITA 14- Macchi M.7 Isotta-Fraschini 250 cv Gave up 16th lap
- Arturo Zanetti ITA 43098Macchi M.19 Fiat A14 650 cv Gave up 20th lap