8th édition
The Schneider Trophy

Baltimore, Shore Park Bay - October 26th, 1925

James H Doolittle
James Harold Doolittle
Circuit This race was expected in 1924, but it was postponed until the following year due to a lack of competitors. It was the first edition where planes were specifically designed for this race.
The British team was composed of Captain Biard in a Supermarine S.4, Captain Hubert Broad in a Gloster Napier III and Bert Hinkler in the substitute Gloster. These two aircrafts are equiped with a Napier Lion engine.
The United-States was represented by two Curtiss Navy racer R3C-2s flown by Lieutenants George Cuddihy and Ralph Ofstie, and one Army racer R3C-2 flown by James Harold Doolittle of the U.S. Air Service.
Italy was represented by Macchi's Macchi M-33 flown by Giovanni De Briganti and Lieutenant Morselli.
Doolittle was the winner, Broad was second and De Briganti finished third.
  # Reg. Plane Engine Speed km/h
1James Doolittle USA 3A.7054 Curtiss R3C.2 Curtiss V.1400 565cv 374.274
2Hubert Broad GBR 5N194 Gloster IIIA Napier Lion VII 700 cv 320.58
3Giovanni De Briganti ITA 7MM49 Macchi M.33 Curtiss D12A 500cv 271.08
- George Cuddihy USA 2A.6979 Curtiss R3C.2 Curtiss V.1400 565cv Gave up 7th lap
- Ralph Ofstie USA 1A.6978 Curtiss R3C.2 Curtiss V.1400 565cv Gave up 6th lap